Mitchelstown Cave

One of Europe's Major Show Caves

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Tower of Babel

Situated off the main Cork to Dublin road, Mitchelstown Cave is a must on your itinerary. Although the name can be deceptive Mitchelstown cave is located in Co. Tipperary at the foothills of the Galty Mountains.

Mitchelstown Cave is a world without sun, without time, a world where man almost feels an intruder, stumbling on a past age, and an era where nature reigns supreme.

Tours by informative guides will take you though three massive caverns in which you are surrounded by indescribable dripstone formations, stalactites, stalagmites, graceful calcite curtains hang from sloping roofs, calcite crystals glisten like diamonds in the distance. Huge calcite columns and one of Europe’s finest columns the inspiring “Tower of Babel".


Visitors, groups & school outings are guided daily through a half mile of this world famous show cave. Groups should phone ahead of time for appointment, and are catered for winter and summer. Parking for cars and coaches is provided and toilet facilities are on site. Bring a picnic along and avail of the beautiful panoramic views of the Galty Mountains before your descent underground.

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